Agreement Between Profertil And For A More Productive And Sustainable Agriculture

Agri-food production must be an increasingly traceable and sustainable activity, in order to show consumers how food is produced, from the field until it reaches your table. To collaborate on this path, Profertil signed a strategic agreement with the digital platform that will provide important benefits to the producers who use it. is a free digital platform that is already used in millions of hectares in different countries and allows the producer to easily record all the practices carried out throughout the cycle of a crop, mapping geolocated lots and recording a crypto history protected that the producer will share only with whoever he wishes.

The registration of the data is very simple, but if the producer needs it, he can be advised by specialists at The tool does not require an internet connection to be used and is available for both Android and IOS operating system devices. For the next thick campaign, Profertil proposes to its clients that they use it for corn and with each milestone achieved they add profits.

Additionally, whoever includes eNeTOTAL Plus in their fertilization plan, will have a reimbursement of 20 dollars per ton in that product. It is a fertilizer that allows a maximum use of the nitrogen applied on the surface, since it avoids losses due to volatilization.

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As the doses of fertilizers increase, eNeTOTAL Plus reduces greenhouse gas emissions by up to 21% and improves carbon sequestration in the soil, since it increases its yield and thus the residue. If we look at it in terms of kilos of grain produced per kilo of CO2eq emitted, it is 40% more efficient than other fertilizers.

“Climate change forces us to rethink our way of producing and consuming food. It is a change of behavior that the whole society must assume to achieve an integral sustainable development of our Earth”, indicated Mario Suffriti, commercial manager of Profertil.

Producers who wish to obtain the benefits offered by the company must register one or more lots totaling a minimum of 100 hectares and a maximum of 400 hectares of corn, in which soil analysis has been carried out, a fundamental starting point for a strategy of responsible nutrition. With this analysis, the first milestone is fulfilled, as part of the history of the crop.

“From agrifood chains it is important to find new ways to register crop production, certify processes and tell society that we actually do our work in the field with the least possible environmental impact. Today’s consumers increasingly demand

more to know the traceability of the products they buy and to know if the environment was properly cared for on the way from the field to their table,” said Suffriti.

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Profertil wants to continue promoting the adoption of sustainable production systems, which include Best Management Practices (BMP) in the use of nitrogen in a crop such as corn, which is strategic for the productive system of our country. These MPM are summarized in 4 requirements (4R): determine the dose, source, time and correct way to apply the fertilizers.

Relying on the BMPs allows increasing the efficiency of fertilizer use, reducing its impact on the environment, collaborating in the mitigation of greenhouse gases and improving the water footprint.

“We are convinced that promoting the use of digital tools that include new technologies —said Suffriti— will allow us to continue improving the good nutrition practices carried out by the producer, from soil analysis and throughout the entire production process, so that all stages of the crop are registered and the consumer can have the guarantees he needs”.

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