Agnieszka Chylińska has been hiding it for years! Sensation about her second husband!

The relationship between Agnieszka Chylińska (36) and the mysterious Marek, the father of her children, is a closely guarded secret.

The juror of “Mam Talent” is reluctant to talk about it and it was not even known for a long time that the couple had got married. It only came out when the star became pregnant for the third time.

In an interview with “Życie na Gorało”, Agnieszka’s manager finally confirmed that her protégé got married for the second time.

The ceremony took place before Esther’s birth, Agnieszka kept her name, but the place of the ceremony remains a mystery to this day.

Why is the singer so diligently guarding her private life?

Her friends explained that it was because of Agnieszka’s past, who “had gone through too much on stage and behind the scenes and exposed herself too much to the fans.”

Few, however, remember that her first husband was Krzysztof Krysiak, associated with one of the record companies. Their wedding was civil, and the divorce took place a year later. She was not lucky with men for a long time …

“Men played an important role in my life. My father, my brother. And then all the rebels. like them, and then I wanted to achieve the goals that men assume “- this is how she wrote on Facebook about the men of her life.

Chylińska herself admitted in interviews that it was only her relationship with Marek that made her stop and change her approach to life.

Today, she no longer resembles the former scandalist, although she can still bluntly say what is on her heart.

“Agnieszka likes to tell this story. Speaking about Marek, she is eager and cordial, she shows him in packets, with domestos in his hand, buying meat for pork chops. Domestic Marek is a reflection of her caring father. Finally, a man who guarantees stability and, above all, does not belong to the destructive world that dragged her to the bottom “- reports” Twój Styl “.

The father of her children avoids show business and avoids the media, although it turns out that he has his share in the career of his wife.

Marek is a very talented computer scientist who is called a “graphics magician” in the community, because he is said to be second to none in his profession.

It was he who also designed several covers of Chylińska’s solo albums, which always made a great visual impression.

Chylińska mentions her husband rarely, although some time ago there was talk of a serious crisis in their marriage. The star itself finally referred to the topic. Her entries sounded very disturbing …

“I learned the correct record of my heart’s work after many years, when I discovered love by choice, love as an attitude in which you are repetitively boring, humane and deadly. A love that is chosen without ribs and pleading on the knees. Love that sometimes does not give. to know in the deep darkness. But it IS. Love without screams, quarrels and uncertainty. Although to this day it is sometimes difficult for me to settle in saying that this is the best for me, in this decision I will probably be understood by anyone who has given his heart at least once ‘love’ with confidence that this ‘love would kick him painfully …’ Chylińska confided mysteriously.

Fortunately, today they are getting along again, and their whole world is made up of cute little ones, but they have to pay much more attention to them.

Years later, Chylińska admitted that her two children are “children of special care”, although she prefers to call them “exceptionally exceptional”.



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