Aggressive fish seen in Florida Bay. Experts are worried about what could happen

The strange fish (channa aurolineata) was accidentally found by naturalists at the University of Florida.

Snakehead fish originated in Asia and Africa. Researchers believe that they came to America when people dumped the contents of their aquariums into the rivers, as well as because of the fish trade.

The large-mouthed fish are predators that can breathe air and stay out of water for up to four days. In addition, they are able to move short distances on land.

This fish species is considered invasive because of its potential threat to the local ecosystem. The fish can carry up to 50 thousand eggs, which means that they can reproduce rapidly. They are very aggressive and can quickly destroy other fish populations.

The invasion case described in the published study was a major surprise to scientists, given the distance between the newly discovered fish and other populations of these fish. That is why scientists believe that the fish got there with the help of man.

In 2020, researchers observed how a fish of this species leaps out of the water, grabs a frog and dives back into the water with it. This is just one example of how these fish can harm the ecosystem.

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