Aggression boom in Milan: how thugs and marauders act

Be aggressions register to Milano and neighborhood, all between 24 and 28 July, with a situation that is clearly degenerating and, moreover, the signs of a escalation they were all there, as they occurred well in the first 12 days of the month seven cases including sexual violence against a 45-year-old woman at Monte Stella, perpetrated by a senegalese irregular on the territory then arrested.

The aggressions

On the night of July 24th between via Castaldi e via Tadino, in a blitz of a few seconds, two subjects of color they attacked Andrea Pedretti to take possession of his bag. The two assailants are suddenly appeared, they have pushed the victim making her fall to the ground and have it beaten up to try to snatch him the bag but without succeeding; the two then stole him the clock and they vanished while Pedretti was rushed to the Fatebenefratelli hospital with a fracture of the left ocular floor.

The night between 25 and 26 July near the intersection of via Pergolesi e via Mercadante, in the Caiazzo area, nine individuals Maghrebis and Italians between 18 and 24 years old, then arrested, have assaulted a couple of Filipinos throwing them on the ground e beating them and then steal it smartphone. The gang then left on board hired vehicles but were caught up and arrested. The agents found them in possession of a switchblade knife, banknotes for a total of 1,625 euros, 10 grams of marijuana and hashish.

In the night between Sunday 26 and Monday 27 July it was instead the area of Sempione Park ending up in the middle of violent episodes. The first occurred around 3 a.m.Arch of Peace when a group of North Africans described as between 16 and 18 years old assaulted three peers; one of the Maghrebis then split one bottle at the head of one of the three, a 19-year-old boy and then disappeared. Be careful though, because one gang North Africans with very similar characteristics already came reported for other attacks that took place in the same place at the beginning of the month against other randomly chosen boys and another carried out in the area Primaticcio on June 25, against a 16 year old who was with friends. The modalities are always the same, the aggression starts without any reason and is perpetrated with bottles, sticks and also knives. Age (15-20) and origin (North African) suggest a single gang that moves from the periphery to the center and seems to prefer the Sempione area. The fact that one of the attacks occurred in the Primaticcio area could then be an indicator of the area of ​​origin.

Always in the night between 26 and 27 July near the Triennale a girl came mugged of the bag with an I-Phone inside and 150 euros. The victim chased the thief, flanked by a friend, but in the surrounding flowerbeds, between the parked cars, the two were surrounded by five immigrants come to support the mugger, threatening and pushing them.

On July 28 a girl waiting to take the subway in Central Station was approached from behind by two Moroccans aged 18 and 24, irregular on the territory, while she was intent on typing on the mobile; the two marauders suddenly snatched the cell phone from her hands and fled to be identified thanks to the surveillance cameras and arrested. The footage of the attack was taken by ATM cameras and is visible who.

Also on July 28, at 11 in the morning, a 25 year old Moroccan homeless and already known to the police approaching a 34 year old who walked in via XXIV Maggio in Cormano and hit him with a punch to the face and then steal it mobile phone and wallet. The attacker was identified and arrested shortly thereafter.

Meanwhile, on Wednesday 29 July the agents of the Garibaldi-Venice police station arrested a Tunisian 15 year old arrived in Italy like unaccompanied minoraccused of ben seven robberies to the detriment of peers, all of which occurred between 15 November and 5 December 2019 and always between 16 and 18, a time slot in which he could leave the community where he was a guest and where he apparently also attended a course of study. The subject in question struck in the area of ​​Piazza Oberdan (Porta Venezia), always in places where there were no surveillance cameras and targeted peers threatening them with a utility knife or a knife. Among other things, the Tunisian was part of a group made up of three other 17-year-old North Africans who had organized a punitive raid with broken and girdled bottles in the Rubattino area, against peers after a fight on social media and they had also stabbed a 16-year-old boy. The group is now accused of attempted murder and serious personal injury.

The modus operandi

The ways in which the attacks are carried out varies according to the target and the reference context. In four cases of robberies or snatchings the implications were violent, with real beatings as in the cases of Caiazzo and via Tadino, where the victims were thrown to the ground and beaten by groups ranging from two to nine subjects; both attacks in the middle of the night. Fundamental two-aggressiveness and surprise effect. Same thing with regard to the attack for the purpose of robbery that took place in Cormano, where the subject was approached and punched in the face. Even the snatching occurred in the Triennale then resulted in violence when the robbed girl and her friend chased the snatcher, being attacked by the companions of the fleeing subject.

The video of the theft of the mobile phone in Central Station, perpetrated by two Maghrebis against a girl who was about to get on the subway, highlights instead how the snatchers exploited the prolonged distraction of the woman who was intent on consulting the phone and she didn’t notice the two she had behind her. If in fact the gesture of the “tear” was fast, the approach was a little less. Curious then how nobody on the quay realized what was happening and warned the girl. This case reveals once again how important and often overlooked, the so-called “situational awareness”, that is the awareness of what is happening around us. Cell phones and headphones for listening to music are often tools that lead citizens to alienate themselves from the surrounding environment, making themselves vulnerable to attacks by snatchers and robbers who thus take advantage of the surprise effect.

The case of the North African gang that attacks peers (and not only) for the simple pleasure of causing damage is different; chance suggests real gangs from the periphery to hit the center, as already seen in the French and British metropolises. In this case, a whole series of factors can take over, including the hatred and the desire for revenge towards those who are seen as “privileged” as presumably in better socio-economic conditions, a sense of revenge and an illusory sense of belonging territorial / clan that actually leaves the time it finds.

As for the seven robberies carried out by the 15-year-old Tunisian guest of a community, it is surprising how already at 15 he had been concerned with carefully examining the precise points of the Porta Venezia area where there are no surveillance cameras and shrewdness in the target peers by threatening them with a knife and then return to the community to follow his study courses, complete with loot. An episode that must seriously reflect on the criminal depth of unaccompanied young people who are allowed to enter and roam the territory thanks to absent institutions and inadequate laws.

With the city semi-deserted following the pandemic from Covid which caused the closure of many commercial activities, smartworking from home and the exodus to other destinations, to which is added the summer period, Milan has become a territory of conquest for these subjects.

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