Age of Empires 4 could also come to Xbox, according to recent findings

The fact that Age of Empires IV It ends up debuting on the console is something that even the developers themselves have considered, although without promising anything in particular. Now, the issue is back on the table: gamers have found clues that point to the launch of the acclaimed strategy title on Xbox consoles. In fact, It seems that this version is already being tested, according to a codename that was recently discovered.

Age of Empires IV on console? Clues point to it

According to what was indicated by @ALumia_Italia, a Twitter user dedicated to putting the magnifying glass on Microsoft codenames, has recently discovered XIP_CAR_JANUARY_2022. These names can be seen in the Insider Hub, and recently the label that we just pointed out has appeared in the Xbox version of the platform.

And this is where we have to begin to unravel the meaning of XIP_CAR_JANUARY_2022: on the one hand, CAR corresponds to CARDINAL, which is the internal name by which Microsoft refers to Age Of Empires IV. XIP, on the other hand, can refer to Xbox Insider Preview; that is, the stage in which they begin to test Xbox games internally.

The Xbox version of Age of Empires IV will already be testing

“As soon as we finish managing the release of the game on PC we’ll start thinking about how to make it work on consoles“, indicated in a past interview Adam Isgreen, creative director at World’s Edge, a team that has participated together with Relic in the development of the title. It seems that at the moment they are in exactly that stage: in testing whether the game is running correctly in the Xbox ecosystem.Yes, Isgreen was in charge of pointing out that “we still do not have any definitive plan”.

In the meantime, what we do have in our hands is the content roadmap for Age of Empires IV until spring 2022: this winter we can expect balance adjustments and other quality of life improvements of the title. “After many years of waiting Age of Empires comes back and we analyze its latest installment that updates the playable proposal to offer us a more than remarkable title “, we wrote in our analysis.


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