Agatha Muceniece exposed the steel press

The actress spends a lot of energy on rehearsals, so she has lost a lot of weight.

Agatha Mutseniece. Photo:

In one of the last Stories of the personal microblogging, the former lover of Pavel Priluchny – Agatha Mutseniece – showed a built figure. The celebrity owes this transformation to the Ice Age project.

Note that Mutseniece takes part in the Averbukh show for the first time. However, she already has successes. The actress shared the results of training with figure skater Alexander Enbert with her fans.

The leading role in the series “Closed School” – noted that the rehearsals on the ice worked wonders with her figure. Now have Agate real steel abs and slim waist.

“Friends, of course, I don’t want to boast … No, to hell! I want to brag! Look what my abs have pumped up thanks to the hirers. Just a wasp hoist and a super press. Soon you can participate in the bodybuilding competition, I think, ”- boasted Agatha.

Recall that a 19-year-old blogger and singer appeared in the new season of the Ice Age project Danya Milokhin… Tiktoker, during the first speech, could not restrain Evgenia Medvedeva and bruised his head himself.

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