Agatha doesn’t fight it! A harsh message to the fathers of their children

In the first series, which was appreciated by viewers at 6%, the influencers from the ranks of TikToku and YouTube presented themselves. Logically, these were rather teenagers or slightly over twenty years of age. In the second series, the production of the reality show decided to loosen the reins of the age limit a bit and appealed to the eternal rebel Agáta Hanychová, who, it is true, is a double mother, but she did not lose her zeal and enthusiasm for new things even after the age of thirty. Was the model immediately determined to nod to the offer? “I always ask my mother and things about work-related things Pavel Novotný. So I called them and they both told me to go for it. ” revealed Agáta to the website.

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But the days when Agatha could nod arbitrarily nod to any offer are over. Now she had to face the fact that she would have very little time for her children for three months. He will only be in the villa on weekdays. So she only has a weekend left for her family. But babysitting is already provided. “My mom will take great care of the children. It’s five days a week and I have to feed somehow, I have to feed the children. The fact that Dads go somewhere for a month or film is not resolved, but the fact that I will be away for 5 days is resolved. So I didn’t talk much about it with my dads. “ she was not afraid to comment a little sharply on this fact.

Agáta Hanychová on her mother’s birthday Veronika Žilková:

How did the former partners of the model and fathers Kryšpín and Mii react to the model’s participation in the reality show? “I don’t care about their tales. Kryšpín’s dad called me and said that he would take care of Mia when I needed me. I have a great relationship with him. And with the other ex-husband, I didn’t deal with it. “ communicated sincerely to the above-mentioned website Agáta. The model is now preparing to enter the villa mainly mentally. “I mainly go there with the fear that I’ve never spent so much time with people I don’t know who are much younger. I hope that I contain my emotions and I will not excite them too much, because I am used to raising children. “ she added with a smile.

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