Again, the Kandas Ship Clogged the Suez Canal


KAIRO – A giant ship ran aground again Suez Canal , Egypt , one week after the Ever Given ship was freed from the international waterway.

The M / T Rumford ship was stranded in a narrow section of the Suez Canal on Tuesday (6/4/2021), in a narrow passage north of where Ever Given had blocked the waterway in the previous weeks. Online ship tracker informs the ship is now moving again.

The vital maritime trade route was briefly blocked for about two hours on Tuesday, as the M / T Rumford ship reportedly experienced engine problems while crossing the narrow stretch of water on the Suez Canal.

A trade source told Reuters that the canal authorities had dispatched Team Hope and Mosaed 3 tugboats to help tanker ship the. The Suez Canal Authority (SCA) told Reuters the problem had only lasted about 10 minutes and had been fixed Russia Today.

The Vessel Finder online platform shows M / T Rumford walking north through the canal and approaching the end of the narrow passage where Ever Given was stuck before stopping.

Data provided online showed the oil tanker was at a standstill for nearly two hours, between 08:14 GMT and 09:59 GMT. The flow of the ships through the strait was halted in an animation published by Tanker Trackers on Twitter.

On Monday last week, Ever Given, one of the largest cargo ships in the world, was successfully freed from the canal’s edge after blocking the international waterway for nearly a week. The world‘s largest integrated shipping company, Maersk, has warned that the consequences on global shipping and supply chains may take months to unravel.

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