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Police force in front of the Ernst Kirchweger house in Favoriten

In Vienna-Favoriten there were again violent incidents on Friday evening during a Kurdish demonstration with 500 participants disturbed by the Turks. A police officer was injured, according to the APA police force, which was deployed with several hundred officers on request. There were two arrests. At around 10 p.m., the demo at the main train station was resolved peacefully.

The police had increased their lineup during the evening to protect the demonstration by Kurds and left-wing activists. A police helicopter also circled permanently over the quarter. Against the APA, counter-demonstrators have repeatedly tried to enter the congregation from the side in smaller groups.

As on Thursday, the provocateurs were probably members of the fascist Turkish group “Gray Wolves”. Böller had been used, and bottles also flew through the air. The forbidden Turkish “wolf salute” could also be seen. Once again, their target was to have been Kurdish activists who left the city at around 9:30 p.m. Vienna’s Vice Mayor Birgit Hebein (Greens) was also spotted in the crowd.

The demonstration ended after around four hours at the main station, where the rally had moved. From there, the police sent the demo participants home in small groups. According to the police, the next demonstration has already been announced for Saturday (2 p.m.).

The police had blocked Wielandgasse because of the rally, where the left center Ernst-Kirchweger-Haus (EKH), which had been damaged in the past few days, is located. It is named after a man who was fatally injured in 1965 by a far-right student during a demonstration in Vienna.

It was demonstrated “against the aggressions and attacks by Turkish nationalist and Islamist groups” in recent days, the activists said. A few dozen onlookers had also joined the demonstrators outside the barriers. Despite the ban on masking, some demonstrators appeared masked.


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