Again more Covid 19 patients in Freiburg clinics – Freiburg

These are the highest values ​​so far in the second Corona wave: 51 people suffering from Covid-19 are currently being treated in the clinics in Freiburg. 20 are ventilated in the intensive care unit.

Last Thursday, the four Freiburg clinics treated a total of 44 patients with Covid-19 inpatient, 15 of whom would have to be ventilated. The university hospital currently cares for 29 patients who have been infected with the Sars-CoV-2 virus, 16 of whom are ventilated.

The average age of the patients in the intensive care unit is 65 years. In the Diakoniekrankenhaus in Landwasser there are nine patients with Covid-19 (two are ventilated). The St. Josef Hospital reports eleven inpatient cases (two of which are ventilated), the Loretto Hospital two cases.

The intensive capacities in the hospitals are still sufficient. At the university clinic, the situation is discussed daily, reports clinic spokesman Benjamin Waschow: “We hope that the number of patients will stabilize and not increase any further.” If so, the clinic would begin to cancel planned interventions in order to be able to create more intensive care capacities. At the “front” in the hospitals, of course, one looks at the development and also at the new federal and state requirements: “We hope that the resolutions that have now been taken are sufficient to reduce the number of infections,” says clinic spokesman Waschow. Everyone and each bear responsibility.

The health department reported 28 new infections in Freiburg and 41 for the Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald district on Thursday morning. The number of those who died has not changed. In its weekly overview, the health department for Freiburg currently lists 370 active Covid 19 diseases, three more than in the previous week.

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