Afternoon Exercise Can Help Control Blood Sugar Better for Type 2 Diabetes, Says Study

Jakarta (ANTARA) – A study states that exercising in the afternoon can help control blood sugar levels better than exercise at other times, for people with type two diabetes, citing Healthline, as quoted Saturday.

This is shown from the results of a study conducted by Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Joslin Diabetes Center in the journal Diabetes Care involving 2,400 respondents from data compiled by the Look AHEAD (Action for Healthin Diabetes) study.

According to the study, respondents with moderate to high levels of activity in the afternoon experienced a significant decrease in blood sugar in the first year of observation. This group of respondents also maintained a decrease in blood sugar in the fourth year of observation.

It is not yet known for certain the reason behind afternoon exercise which has a better impact on type 2 diabetes sufferers. However, an expert from Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Dr. Jingyi Qian, as well as experts from the Joslin Diabetes Center, Dr. Roeland Middelbeek, hypothesized that the circadian system might play a role.

“This circadian system regulates many physiological functions in our bodies, which may play a role in the timing of benefits of physical activity,” Qian and Middlebeek told Healthline.

In addition, behavioral factors such as postprandial states or sleep-wake cycles may also contribute to the results.

“For example, post-meal physical activity, which is probably most often performed in the afternoon after lunch, is an effective strategy for managing postprandial glucose levels in type two diabetes,” they said.

Even so, the researchers noted that exercise done at a time other than the afternoon is still beneficial for people with type two diabetes. Other additional benefits also include helping to manage weight to improve mental health.

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2023-06-03 05:45:29
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