After years, Channing Tatum returns in a Universal Monster movie


In fact, he would have loved to play the Marvel superhero Gambit, but Walt Disney’s takeover of Fox meant that that plan fell through. It has been relatively quiet around since then Channing Tatum, but now it becomes clear that he will be returning in a Universal Monster movie in a while.

And that movie is produced by Phil Lord in Chris Miller (21 Jump Street), the duo Tatum has worked with before. The film will be according to The Hollywood Reporter “a modern and derisive thriller” and is based on the classic monsters from Universal Pictures. Think of characters such as Dracula and Wolfman. The script comes from Wes Tooke.

Al even stil rond Channing Tatum
Despite being featured in the animated films Smallfoot from 2018 and The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part from 2019, his last role in a live action film dates back to 2017, in Kingsman: The Golden Circle.

His IMDb page states that he will also be seen in the movies Dog in Wingmen by and with Joseph Gordon-Levitt. He also gets a say America: The Motion Picture.

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