After two years of suspension the Artisanales have returned to Chartres

After the digital edition of 2020, due to the health emergency, and the cancellation of the 2021 edition, scheduled for the city center, the 28th edition of Les Artisanales de Chartres will be held in Chartrexpo from Friday 7 to Monday 10 October. An edition that wants to be bright and nocturnal.

Michel Cibois, vice president of the Chamber of Trades and Crafts (CMA) Center-Val de Loire in charge of communication and events, who orchestrates the event, pushes a “smurf” of relief. “We have taken up the theme of the 27th edition, initially scheduled in the heart of Chartres, with two evenings, one Friday and one Saturday. We therefore kept the theme of light in the night but returned to Chartrexpo. After two years of interruption, we wanted to start over with an event that we know well and that we know ”, confides Michel Cibois. Les Artisanales are also known to professionals, artisans and the public who have been visiting them for free for about ten years.

On Saturday evening the Camaïeu shops in Lucé and Barjouville will close: “I think about the people who will lose their jobs”

The event will take place over four days, from Friday to Monday: “While in the canceled edition in 2021 we had only planned three days. There was also the possibility of starting the show on Thursday to test new formulas… ”, adds the first vice president.

No government help

This year, the 28th edition of the Artisanales de Chartres wants to be classic, in a context of the beginning of the end of the health crisis but at the center of a global crisis caused by the Russian invasion of Ukraine and its procession of increases in raw materials, components , energy, inflation and lower purchasing power.

At 25 he became the owner of a hairdresser in Voves

“Our ambition is to have as many visitors as in previous years. The figure of 90,000 visitors remains our main goal. But we had hoped to benefit from government aid for the world of fairs and events, in vain. Last year the state had put several million on the table for events that brought together 500 exhibitors or more and we were supposed to benefit from them, but when the Prime Minister’s decree and the list of interested fairs were published, we did not we were there. Not. The platform was piloted by the French KICs ”, observes the Eurelian elected consulate, disappointed because this government aid makes it possible to finance half the price of the stands.

“In this period of inflation and loss of purchasing power we could have helped many exhibiting artisans. Worse, in the list of selected and financed fairs, some were less important than the Artisanales. Obviously, after two years of crisis, it was more difficult for us to get things moving again. “

A minister, or even two …

Despite all this, this show will be inaugurated on Friday morning. The government will be represented. Bruno Le Maire, Minister of Economy, Finance and Industrial and Digital Sovereignty, could, according to our information, be present. The trip of Olivia Grégoire, Delegate Minister for Small and Medium Enterprises, Commerce, Crafts and Tourism, has been confirmed on the same day.

Les Artisanales de Chartres will return to Chartrexpo in October 2022

This return of the Artisanales de Chartres will be accompanied by a novelty in the animations. Respecting the theme of night light, the Chamber of Crafts and Crafts will offer Chartrains and visitors an original show: “This is the first time in Eure-et-Loir, and perhaps in the Center -Val de Loire, a magical spectacle of 100 light drones, organized by the start-up Exaus du Cher, which will leave the racecourse on Friday at 9:30 pm to perform colorful and animated figures above Chartrexpo. This goes hand in hand with Chartres en lumière as we offer to the public, after the Friday night, the opportunity to extend the party to the city center and admire Chartres en lumière. “

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The participation of apprentices and university students will be strengthened during this edition as in addition to the students of the department, the Artisanales will welcome university students from Loiret and Loir-et-Cher. The goal is to offer them moments of discovery of crafts and perhaps arouse desires, for some even learning commitments.

The CMA Center-Val de Loire will finance the buses to welcome the thousand university students in orientation to offer them opportunities. Alongside these young people, a thousand other apprentices will be present to demonstrate their mastery.

The program :

  • Beauty-fashion pavilion : Unveil local and daily professions, as well as their tips and tricks: hairdressing, aesthetics, make-up, nail care, podium-orthodoxy, fashion, jewelry, leather goods, accessory making …
  • Gastronomy Pavilion: For four days. We discover the professions of cooking, catering, pastry, bakery, delicatessen, butcher, confectionery, viticulture, canning, catering, cheese, beer and champagne production …
  • Arts and Crafts Pavilion: Visitors will discover the specialties: upholstery, cabinet making, leather goods-footwear, foundry, floral art, ceramic decoration, jewelery … The craft will also have its Espace Tremplins Garance, a staged business incubator founded less than five years ago and regional companies with excellent know-how. The 20 selected structures will be offered a stand equipped at the fair by the official partner, Garance, whose teams will be present to inform visitors about their products. Garance organizes a contest with many prizes to be won …
  • Building-Horticulture Pavilion: Around the French building federation, the pavilion is there to help visitors rethink their home and garden. We discover the trades of thermal installation, electricity, joinery, joinery, painting, masonry, roofing, metallurgy, marble processing, curtains, floristry, landscape, design in stabilized systems … Colored glass plates will also be part of it. In this space, visitors will be able to witness the creation of a stained glass window or even discover a laboratory of color games on a light table, an opportunity to learn about the history of this technique, from its birth to the present day. .
  • Space © of the Center: The regional food brand will be present, launched by the Center-Val de Loire Region. To consume quality local products, support the regional economy and its companies committed to the environment, the public will be able to discover the products and know-how of the Center-Val de Loire! On the program: entertainment, games, tastings … Lots of “© du Center” goodies to be won!
  • School of Arts: Unique in France, in four days, 1,000 apprentices take turns to demonstrate their know-how to young people and their families. In five spaces they present craftsmanship, from hairdressing to car maintenance, from furniture restoration to pastry, from floral arrangements to electricity and even from podium-orthodoxy to masonry. Accompanied by their teachers, they will provide information on apprenticeship and work-study training in crafts.
  • Parade entertainment At the heart of the show: Friday
    On 7 October, Les Troubad’Ours will be among the visitors, at 19:50, 20:20, 20:50 and 21:20 30 and 17.
  • The extraordinary club: The Extraordinary Klub is an immersive experience that offers the opportunity to understand each other better, get to know each other better and discover the best of each. On board the container, you will discover the different intelligences that lie dormant inside you. The experience is aimed at anyone who wants to (re) discover the wealth of their talents. Whether you are jobless, retraining, student, with friends or family, this unique and innovative experience gives you the opportunity to glimpse a new way of looking at your professional future.
  • Chartres in lights, Chartres Night: The biggest event highlighting heritage comes to the Artisanales de Chartres. In its immersive dome, experience some of its most famous sets and discover the secrets behind the scenes. Other attendees, including the County Council, the Lion’s Club and professional associations, will be in attendance at this edition.

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