After Thuringia scandal: FDP expresses trust in Lindner

Lindner says he “also succumbed to a misjudgment by the AfD,” denies allegations

The federal chairman of the FDP Christian Lindner presented himself to the press in Berlin after the federal executive board had given him confidence. There was a “very intense and open debate” that was still ongoing, but the session had been interrupted to inform the press that had been waiting for an hour.

“I am grateful to my party for placing my trust in me here on the Federal Executive Board with a very strong result,” said Lindner. It is important to have discussed the shared value consensus and the course. The events in the Thuringian state parliament regretted Lindner because they “raised doubts about the fundamental orientation of our party”. One always drew a clear border with the AfD. The FDP is a party of the political and democratic center, although it sees many factual issues differently from the Union, SPD, Greens and Leftists. Thomas Kemmerich’s assumption of the election was “a mistake”, but his intention was only “to send a signal to the center”.

He had not counted on the AfD not voting for its own candidate. He was “also succumbed to an incorrect assessment by the AfD”. He vehemently denied reports that Lindner would have given the green light to Kemmerich’s election through AfD votes. This “did not exist”, something “would also be completely absurd.”

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