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Is it already spring? Those who went outside this morning should not have been amazed at the mild temperatures. In fact, up to 13 degrees were measured in some cases. For example in Basel, as SRF Meteo reports on Twitter. “According to the January standard, the lowest values ​​in Basel-Binningen should be around -1 degrees and not around 13 degrees.”

The temperatures that are coming up to us in the next few days are amazing. Within two days, the mercury rises by almost 10 degrees to 4 degrees at 2000 meters, the SRF meteorologists write. Up to 18 degrees are expected in the lowlands in the coming days – temperatures close to the absolute record for the first third of February.

Temperatures up to 18 degrees

A low pressure zone above the Arctic Ocean is responsible for the heat, which directs mild Atlantic air to the Alps. The associated warm front crossed Switzerland at night on Friday, the flowing mild air brings us temperature values ​​in double digits in many places. According to SRF Meteo, Switzerland was “in an exceptionally warm air mass for the season”. Meteo Switzerland expects maximum temperatures of 10 to 13 degrees, in Zurich to 14 and in Basel even up to 16 degrees. Even in the night on Saturday, it shouldn’t get colder than 5 degrees in many places – this corresponds to the average daily maximum of Zurich in February, according to SRF Meteo.

At first it is cloudy on Friday. The Weather is likely to improve over the course of the day, however, and brightening is expected in many places.

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The weekend falls in the water

For the people with big plans at the weekend it should be said: These should not depend on sunny weather. A rapid increase in cloud cover from the west brings the rain to Switzerland. There are mild temperatures of up to 12 degrees, accompanied by a refreshing, sometimes strong southwest wind. A stormy west wind rages in some places in the mountains. The snowfall limit is 2000 meters, but drops to 1600 meters during the day. 5 to 15 cm of fresh snow can be expected above the 2000 mark.

With heavy cloud cover, frequent rainfall and mild temperatures, it continues on Sunday. It rains often, especially in the second half of the day and on the northern slope of the Alps. The maximum temperature ranges between 10 and 15 degrees, the snowfall limit rises again to 2000 meters.

On Monday the temperatures will reach their preliminary highs of 12 to 17 degrees, in Basel even 18 degrees. This is due to the absolute record value for the first third of February, as SRF Meteo shows. The record holder is Geneva with 19.8 degrees on February 10, 1899. If the values ​​for Basel arrive as expected, Monday would be the third warmest – the temperatures even rise above 18.4 degrees, the second warmest – February beginning since the beginning of measurement in 1864.

Short winter awakening

The night on Tuesday is characterized by rain and sometimes strong winds. A cold front arrives and changes the weather. She changes the weather so much that Ms. Holle dares to go outside again. It gets cold, stormy and wintry. “The temperatures drop by 10 to 15 degrees,” explains Heinz Maurer, meteorologist at Meteo Switzerland. The change in the weather came so suddenly that some people could be caught off guard.

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On Tuesday morning it will start to snow or sleet down to the lowlands. Due to the strong winds, rain and snow storms can be expected, according to Maurer. Thunder and lightning would partially accompany the weather. According to Maurer, around 0 to 5, at best even 5 to 10 centimeters of fresh snow should be expected, on the Uetliberg with a maximum of 10 to 20 centimeters.
In the night to Wednesday it continues to snow. The snow is likely to remain lying, according to Maurer. On Wednesday there are still a few snow showers with a focus on the Alpine north slope. In between there are occasional brief brightenings in the flatlands. It stays around 0 degrees cold.

Thursday ends the short guest performance of winter again. At night it is really cold again, according to Maurer, about minus 5 degrees. During the day the mercury rises to 0 degrees and more. It’s getting sunnier. It will also get warmer on Friday. Until mid-February, sunny and rainy days alternate. According to Meteo Switzerland’s forecast, temperatures are likely to remain above the seasonal norm. However, due to the long period of time, the forecasts should be treated with caution.

Created: 1/31/2020, 4:13 PM

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