After the rumor about the PL club – Svanberg opens for relocation: “Can definitely imagine something new”

In the summer of 2018, Mattias Svanberg left Malmö FF and moved to Bologna. He has now been there for four years. And despite the fact that there is one year left on the contract, he is now opening to change clubs.

It has long been rumored that various clubs want the midfielder and last in line is the Premier League club Southampton.

– I can not say much more than what is written in the newspapers. I actually do not know much more myself. We’ll see what happens. I have one year left on my contract, at the same time as I feel that it would be a good opportunity to look around, if there are good opportunities for it, he says.

Do you want to stay in Italy or try another league?

– I thrive very well in the league and in Italy, so if I were to stay in Italy I have no problem with it. But I can definitely imagine trying something new.

Why do not you know what it looks like with interest?

– Some know, others do not know. I have told my agent that as long as it is season, I do not want to know too much but try to focus on these two matches that are left. We’ll take it afterwards.

This season, Bologna finished in 13th place in Serie A. Svanberg scored three goals and as many assists in 31 starts and five innings.

– It went okay. I got to play a lot. But you always want more, and I would have liked more goals and assists. But I feel that I have contributed to the team’s success, he says.

When Sweden entered the Nations League, Svanberg was benched in the 2-0 victory against Slovenia, but started in the 1-2 loss against Norway.

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How does he think it went?

– It is difficult to say how it went because we lost. But I get to take with me what I think went well, he says.

How do you see the new way of playing and the new role you got?

– I thrive in the role. Now I have only played one match in the new role, but based on the conditions, I think it can be good.

Biggest difference?

– That you not only get to work sideways but be the first old man to come into the press, and get to work more aggressively and a little more max runs forward. A little more man-to-man play, but it’s something I’m used to from the club, so I think it suits me well.

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