After the refusal of 6 countries … Turkey evacuates Ukrainians from Argentina and Brazil

Ankara / Anatolia

The Ukrainian embassy in Ankara announced that Turkish Airlines evacuated 9 of its citizens in Argentina and Brazil, after 6 countries refused to do so, in the context of the evacuation of countries for their citizens around the world due to the consequences of the Coruna virus.

The Ukrainian ambassador to Ankara, Andrei Sibiha, said that Kiev held talks with 6 countries to evacuate its citizens from Brazil and Argentina, after they were stranded by the interruption of international flights due to Coruna.

In statements to Anatolia, he added that those countries (he did not mention them) refused to evacuate the Ukrainians, while Ankara welcomed the Kiev offer.

He explained that Turkey evacuated the Ukrainian citizens, by means of a special flight aboard an airline, intended to evacuate Turkish nationals from the Argentine capital, Buenos Aires.

The Ukrainian Ambassador thanked the Turkish Foreign Ministry and his Turkish counterpart in Buenos Aires Foral Altay for their efforts to facilitate the evacuation of the citizens of his country there.

He recalled that the 9 Ukrainians were brought to Istanbul, and then sent on a cruise to their country.

He stated that the Kiev embassy in Ankara has, until now, evacuated nearly 3 thousand Ukrainians from various countries of the world, with the support and efforts of the Turkish side.

It is worth noting that Turkey topped the list of countries that evacuated its nationals from countries that suffer from a wide spread of Corona virus, through several trips, and even private ambulances to bring the injured from different regions of the world.

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