After the raid: House Reuss shocked by what happened to Heinrich XIII.

In the noble family Reuss, the arrest of Heinrich XIII. Prince Reuss caused horror. The head of the former East Thuringian dynasty, Heinrich XIV Prince Reuss, told MDR THÜRINGEN that his namesake, the alleged ringleader of a militant network of conspirators, “catastrophically” obliterated the entire family.

The House of Reuss was a tolerant and cosmopolitan princely house in eastern Thuringia for 850 years. Now the family is seen all over the world, including America, as terrorists and reactionaries, which is “quite awful,” said Henry XIV.

House Reuss distanced itself from Heinrich XIII.

Months ago, Heinrich XIV Prince Reuss publicly distanced himself from the worldviews of his distant relative. Now he was shocked that everything had gotten so much worse, Heinrich XIV told MDR. But he could not imagine that Prince Heinrich should be in charge of such a thing. 30 years ago he was a modern businessman radicalized by delusions.

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