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[The Epoch Times, 5 ottobre 2022](Reported by The Epoch Times reporter Ma Weifen) The Taiwanese Orchestra “denounce the five“Last month I signed a contract with TaipeiThe new children’s paradiseholding a one night stand fantasy concert won’t make fans unable to stop.give you a magic potion“Live MV, relive their Midsummer Night’s Dream.

singer in charge of songwritingYunanHe said, “This song gives us more magical feelings. When I finished the song, I didn’t expect it to resonate that much. After it was released, I felt everyone’s warm expectations, so we sang it regardless of the occasion. scared by the enormous energy aroused by this song, as if it were really magic! “

denounce the fiveCreate a new one night limited fantasy paradise. (I believe the music provided)

Talking about “give you a magic potion“Inspiration for creation,YunanHe revealed that at first he had thought of a question in his mind: “If the other half is a wizard, would you still worry about how to deal with your parents?” He also smiled and revealed that he wrote “The universe is interesting, I don’t care, what I care is that your father and I said, where do you live after the wedding / your mother told me to pay the bride price. tomorrow “, etc. Afterwards, I considered the lyrics too realistic, and it was reversed and made into the final version “The universe is interesting, I don’t care, I care. Yes, hold my hand” became the last confession album.

Before the concert, the five people also took advantage of free time to play roller coasters, flying chairs and rides, and the trial was also recorded.

Tell five people to create a new limited fantasy paradise of one night.The image (left) is the female singerInuqing, right is male singer Yun An. (I believe the music provided)

lead singerInuqingThe sharing day was the first time members played in the entertainment facilities at night, which brought a different freshness to everyone, however, the team also worked hard to capture the look of the five people.

Drummer Zheqian said: “Each of us played roller coasters and other rides 3 times, and the team of photographers also did 9 times in a row. To shoot, they had to turn their bodies to ride and once they did. they stopped to rest and calm down. Hard work! ” They wanted to film the freefall process, but after experiencing it once, they found it was too scary and gave up.

Tell the five people to play in the park’s amusement facilities on the eve of the concert. (I believe the music provided)

The five are also preparing for a new album and broader performance plans, and will continue to meet fans at various performance venues before the end of the year.

“Give me a bottle of magic potion” Live MV (Click here)。

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