After the moratorium and with expected high bills for gas and heating, we will switch to electricity in May

So far, heating with air conditioning is expected to be the cheapest. PHOTO: “24 HOURS”

The biggest savings come from insulating the home

Last year, the owner of a large house of 1,000 square meters and above paid for heating, bathing, cooking gas somewhere between 300 and 400 levs per month. Some even less. Their winter bills are now over BGN 1,000, and for some over BGN 1,500.

For almost a year, and especially with the suspension of Russian gas supplies, it is crystal clear that the time of low gas bills is over

This is not something new – ten years ago the price of gas from Gazprom, which was our only supplier, exceeded BGN 600 per 1,000 cubic meters.

Given that an apartment of 70 square meters pays for heating from BGN 200 upwards in winter, BGN 300 for gas for heating a large house was a super good solution a year ago.

On July 1 last year, the gas for the regulated market cost BGN 47 per megawatt-hour, now it is BGN 150. With such an increase, saving cannot lead to drastically lower payment amounts. Some owners of large houses simply turned off the gas and switched to alternative heating – electricity, for example.

Big unknowns are emerging not only with gas, but also with heat, the price of which has not been touched since July 1 last year. Experts believe that heating should increase by 40%

How much the jump will be, however, is decided by the Energy and Water Regulatory Commission.

So the next winter season will be problematic for people who use district heating services. Although, if they pay on an estimated basis and not on the basis of real consumption, their surprise will be with the balancing accounts in May next year.

A family living in a 68-square-meter apartment has almost decided to give up heating water from district heating and is considering bathing and washing dishes with hot water from the boiler.

Probably the only prices that will not change significantly are those of electricity. There is simply no reason for the price of electricity for the regulated market to increase – Kozloduy NPP has fuel, NEK’s owners have no reason to calculate an increase in the price of their electricity, we are used to the mix of American power plants.

The only reason is the obligation of ESO and the electricity distribution companies to buy electricity to cover their technological losses from the stock exchange, and this is the only element from which an increase could come. But for now, the state covers these costs 100%.

So that electricity will remain perhaps the choice of quite a few households for heatingwhich will be expressed in the purchase and installation of air conditioners.

“24 hours” has given dozens of tips on how to save energy and reduce bills when using heating, hot water and electricity. Starting from the purchase of energy efficient appliances and how to choose through the way of cooking and operating stoves and ovens to the regulation of radiators.

However, the main measures that will sharply reduce payments are the renovation of homes and energy-efficient technologies.

In the midst of the winter season, we tried to find households that live in approximately the same size as housing. The analysis of their bills showed that heating in a new building is 2 times cheaper than in a 30-year-old home without renovation.

Opportunities for rehabilitation of the units are opened with the National Plan for Reconstruction and Development, which provides money for energy efficiency measures in the units. The other possibility is to install solar panels on the roofs, to produce electricity to help with the bills.

Decisive for heating payments is what block you live in – whether the neighbors are heating, or turned the valves on a snowflake and even removed the radiators. If they have stopped the heating, the bills cannot but be high. The payment is the lowest if everyone in the building is heated by heating.

The biggest

saving is coming

from isolation

of the dwelling

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