After the Mario film: Nintendo is considering further film and series implementations of its brands

Bowser already had an appearance in “Ralph’s Enough” (2012)

It has recently been known that Nintendo is now generous with the expansion of its brands. There are collaborations with fast-food chains, sneaker collections, or the most recently largest collaborations with LEGO and Universal Studios. Working with the latter brings not only an amusement park but, as is well known, a movie as well.

A Super Mario animated film was announced as early as 2018, which will be produced in collaboration with Illumination Entertainment (including Pets 1 & 2, Ich – Einfach deserbernlich). A recent interview with Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa now shows that other brands are also thinking about screen implementations:

“Animation, in general, is something that we [Nintendo] are looking into, and not just this franchise.”

To what extent we can expect a Netflix series about Kirby or a Zelda film soon remains uncertain. At least one seems to be open to such ideas at Nintendo.

Johannes K.

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