After the hiring price from the Philippines was announced at 10752 .. “Musaned” surprises everyone by changing the tax to 17,288, excluding tax

Al Marsad NewspaperSpecial:The “Musaned” program account, through its official account on the social networking site “Twitter”, announced conflicting prices for taxes for hiring domestic workers from the Philippines.

The account tweeted, in response to citizens’ requests, that the taxes to bring a domestic worker from the Philippines are priced at 10752 riyals, including the value of the tax.

Hiring prices from many other countries

The program also announced hiring prices from several other countries as follows:

• Uganda 9,500 riyals excluding value added tax

• Thailand 10,000 riyals excluding VAT

• Kenya 10,870 riyals not including VAT

• Bangladesh 13,000 riyals excluding value added tax

• Philippines 17,288 riyals excluding value added tax

Followers questioned the reason for the difference in rates to the program responsible for this, pointing out that this puts them at a loss, especially since the difference is large and inconsistent.

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