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The negotiations were tough: after nine hours, the federal and state governments agreed to relax the contact rules and to open further. Prime Minister Daniel Günther (CDU) commented on this after the federal-state summit.

It was not until shortly after midnight that Günther appeared in front of the press in the Kiel State House. They discussed with each other for a long time – but from his point of view the discussions were definitely worth it from a Schleswig-Holstein perspective. In the previous meeting, he had already wished for a step-by-step plan, and now it has been coordinated together, explains Günther. It is a perspective – from his point of view, the plan offers realistic opening steps.

Günther: Happy about the agreement on the 50 incidence value

It has already leaked into several media outlets, Günther also confirmed that an agreement on an incidence value at the federal-state meeting was the biggest point of discussion: “I’m very happy that we agreed on the number 50 in the end believe that is responsible. “

More private contacts possible again

From next week, meetings of two households will be possible again in Schleswig-Holstein, limited to a maximum of five people, not including children up to 14 years of age. Couples who do not live together should – unlike in the past – be considered one household in the future. Günther welcomed these considerations. “That is responsible and corresponds to our ideas.” Currently, a household in Schleswig-Holstein can only meet with one other person.

In regions with a 7-day incidence of less than 35 new infections per week, the possibilities for private get-togethers can be expanded to include your own and two other households with a total of a maximum of ten people. Here, too, children up to 14 years of age are exempt.


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Prime Minister Günther answered journalists’ questions at a press conference on the corona resolutions of the federal states with the federal government. 4 min

Agreements should be implemented in SH

On Thursday in the state parliament, Günther wants to express himself after previous consultations with the Jamaica coalition on how retailers will be dealt with in the north from Monday. According to Günther, the steps that are anchored in the step-by-step plan are to be implemented from March 8th. According to Günther, it is clear that the opening steps that have been described will be made from next Monday. The rules apply nationwide.

Nationwide opening of bookstores, flower shops and garden centers

In Schleswig-Holstein, flower and garden shops have been open again since March 1st – this should also be possible nationwide from next Monday. In addition, in the second opening step, bookstores should also be included in the retail trade for daily needs – so they are also allowed to open. In addition, according to the federal-state resolution, the previously closed body-friendly service companies as well as driving and flight schools with appropriate hygiene concepts can reopen.

If the incidence value is below 50 – opening of retail stores and museums

Especially on the subject of the incidence value, there was apparently a lot of need for discussion in the federal-state consultations. The level of 35 jointly agreed in February, which Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) last defended, is therefore no longer decisive. In the end, the group agreed that the federal states can take a third opening step depending on the infection rate. This means that the retail trade, but also museums and memorials with a square meter restriction, can be opened if the 7-day incidence in a country or region is stable below 50 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants. Contact-free sports in groups of 10 could then also be possible outside.

If the incidence is permanently below 100 new infections, the so-called “Click and Meet” appointment shopping offer and the opening of museums should be possible with prior appointment bookings.

Further information

Unlike Hamburg’s mayor, the other heads of government in the north are satisfied with the federal-state decision. More corona news in the blog. more

Fourth opening step: cinemas and outdoor restaurants open

In the decision of the federal and state governments, the next stage provides for the opening of outdoor restaurants, theaters, concert and opera houses and cinemas. This should be possible if the 7-day incidence remains stable nationally or regionally at less than 50 new infections for 14 days after the third opening step has come into effect. Contact-free indoor sports should then also be possible. A rapid corona test should be carried out each time, for example, before going to a cinema or when sitting at a table with several people.

If the 7-day incidence does not worsen after 14 days, outdoor leisure events with up to 50 participants should also be possible, as well as indoor contact sports. Relaxation of the ban on spectators in the Bundesliga and other professional sports are not mentioned in the decision.

Built-in emergency brake at higher incidence values

A step-by-step opening strategy with a built-in emergency brake was agreed: If individual loosening leads to a sharp increase in the number of infections in a region, all the alleviations that have already been made are automatically canceled.

Easter holidays? Negotiations postponed

There are no concrete prospects for the tourism sector, nor for gastronomy (with the exception of outdoor catering) and larger events. This is to be negotiated again on March 22nd. Prime Minister Günther recently suggested that Easter tourism should not be completely canceled yet. “On our part, we have strongly advocated that an Easter holiday should not be put to rest from the current perspective,” he said on Thursday night. He was glad that everything was struck out of the paper of the heads of government, “which would have rejected the Easter holiday”.

Acceleration of the corona vaccination campaign

Merkel and the country leaders have also agreed on measures to accelerate the corona vaccination campaign in Germany. Accordingly, it is planned to allow vaccinations against the coronavirus from the end of March or from the beginning of April at the latest in many practices of general practitioners and specialists. So far, vaccinations have mainly been carried out in specially set up test centers because some vaccines have to be stored separately.


Julia Stein reports from Kiel.

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According to the decision, there could be fewer contact restrictions from Monday. Julia Stein reports live from Kiel. 4 min

Another component: regular corona tests

The national test strategy is also to be supplemented with measures. They are to be implemented gradually by the beginning of April. Starting next week, the federal government will assume the costs of a corona rapid test per week for every citizen. Companies should offer their employees at least one free quick test per week when they are present. There will be final deliberations this week.

Self-tests will be available in stores from Saturday

The first corona rapid tests for self-application should be available in Germany from Saturday. Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd announced on Wednesday that they would then add tests produced in Germany to their range. Initially, the delivery quantity per customer is limited to one pack of five tests each. A pack costs around 25 euros. The test result after the nasal swab should be available within 15 minutes, the detection rate is said to be 96 percent.

Günther will explain the planned measures to the state parliament on Thursday (1 p.m.) in a special session of parliament. will broadcast the debate on a live video stream.

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