After the controversy on social media.. “Wafaa Salem” reveals the history of plastic surgery (video)

A controversy raised by the artist, Wafaa Salem, after she appeared with grueling features on her face in recent days after undergoing a botched operation, as she said, and looked old, then disappeared for treatment and posted a new photo, and she appeared with features young in age and very beautiful and youthful.

Wafaa Salem explained the story of her face to “The Seventh Day” and said: “I was hidden from social media for a period of time after the operation that broke out and shut down. I spoke on a phone call with one programs, and I went to another doctor, and he made me better and better, and I thanked him so much, and I thanked all the reactions from my fans and my love.” What reached me from them, and why I turned to the polemics and words that are not needed.

The artist, Wafaa Salem, posted a photo from her days before having plastic surgery through her Facebook account, and said, By the way, the above image is clear from Photoshop, the age is magnified, because the The image below was a few days before the operation, to the delight of archaeologist, Dr Ali Abu Dashish.

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