After suffering from laryngeal cancer .. Abdullah Helmy’s son reveals developments in the condition

02:15 PM

Thursday 29 October 2020

Books – Mustafa Hamzah:

Khaled Abdullah Helmy confirmed the improvement of the health of his father, the kola player Abdullah Hilmi, explaining that he is still undergoing treatment at Manial Specialized Hospital, after undergoing two laryngeal surgeries, to remove the cancer tumor that he suffers from.

Khaled confirmed in a special statement to Masrawy: “Praise be to God, the condition of the father, artist Abdullah Helmy, began to improve and respond to treatment, after undergoing a second surgery, and I ask his fans to pray for him for a speedy recovery.”

Artist Abdullah Helmy underwent two laryngeal surgeries, after suffering from a cancerous tumor, and being admitted to the hospital several weeks ago.

Abdullah was honored at the Arab Music Festival as one of the most famous chola players, and he is one of the most prominent members of the artist Mohamed Mounir’s troupe, and he also participates with a number of great stars, most notably Amr Diab and Ali Al-Hajjar.

Abdullah had begun his artistic career during the period of his recruitment, as he was part of the batch that included Muhammad Munir, Ali Al-Hajjar, and also Hani Shaker, before traveling to France to work there for several years.


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