After rumors of love – Loredana and Zuna together for the first time in front of the camera

Love Rumors

After separating from Mozzik provided Loredana always for new rumors about her love life. At first, fans suspected that the number one rapper had something to do with the Hamburg rapper Bonez MC got going.

The reason for this was his cameo appearance in a song by the Albanian rapper. The two rappers also fueled the rumors in the comments, but denied them in the end, which put the rumors to rest.

Next, Kosovo-Albanian media reported rumors that Loredana was said to be with her music producer. But these also turned out to be wrong, because current rumors about her and the KMN rapper Zuna weigh heavier.

The trigger for this new rumor was a photo in an airplane, which apparently shows Zuna and Loredana how the pretty blonde lies on the lap of the KMN rapper holding hands.


Although Loredana claimed that she wasn’t the woman in the picture, fans believed that the hand tattoos made it easy to see that the woman in the picture was actually the rapper. The man’s beard is also very similar to that of Zuna.

This was followed by more and more evidence that Zuna is Loredana’s new friend. So the two were spotted together again and again and again in their Instagram stories, which showed that the two are traveling together.

A common photo or video, on which the two can be clearly recognized, was still missing – until today! A video has now been published in which Loredana and Zuna can be seen together in a recording studio. Apparently, a feature track of the two successful rappers awaits us.

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Here you can see the video:

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