After Rising to Fame on Netflix Documentary, PGA Tour Pro Gives Candid Admission

The LIV golf league has taken away a lot of talented players from the PGA Tour. But they certainly missed this special man, who is more than just a talented golfer. american professional, Joel Dahmen, earned his name through several performances in tournaments. However, his appearance in the Netflix PGA Tour documentary gave him a whole new level of publicity. But his recent interview with the PGA Tour consisted of his honest confession, including his regrets about the documentary series.

Joel Dahmen talks about the side effects of his episode of the Netflix docu-series

Dahmen, 35, is quite a household name these days, thanks to Netflix. With only a limited number of players captured in the frame, Full Swing definitely worked like a charm for all the pros in the series. However, for Dahmen, things turned out a little differently than he wanted.

Famous for his eternal bond with his best friend caddy cum, Geno Bonnalie, Dahmen received a huge fan following for his episode. On the other hand, even the folks at Netflix were shocked to see the fan reaction to the golfer’s role in the show! “I think overall it was really good. I think they did a good job telling our story,” Dahmen said. “We have a unique friendship, a brotherhood, whatever you want to call it.”

Well, that doesn’t change the fact that the golfer has made a lot of insecure statements about himself. And not only him, but even Bonnalie was seen using all his humor during filming to make fun of his player. And while it was all fun and playful, it was understandable that Dahmen cared about his image with fans.

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And so to clear things up about his golfing abilities, the player recently spoke out in an interview shared by the PGA Tour. When asked if he wanted to share something that hadn’t been featured on the show, he replied, “Actually, I think I’m good at golf. Like, I’m not that self-deprecating. And of course, how could his caddie not add his own element to the golfer’s statements?

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As Dahmen struggled to formulate his next statement, Bonnalie cut him off and said, “Not really for me! I also believe that Joel is also good at golf… I clearly expressed my message”. Luckily, he got a “hmm, just” remark from his buddy sitting next to him. However, it’s no less than a treat for fans to watch the two in their own comfort zone with each other on and off the pitch! Did you watch Dahmen’s episode of Full Swing? If so, what was your favorite moment? Let us know in the comments section below.


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