After record heat of 49 degrees in New Delhi, dust storms are now forecast in India | NOW

A heat wave that has been plaguing India and Pakistan for weeks led to a heat record of 49 degrees in the Indian capital New Delhi on Sunday. Temperatures in India will drop slightly in the next three days, but according to the weather institute IMD, Indians must now reckon with dust storms, reports The Hindustan Times Monday.

According to IMD, the heat wave in the countries is the result of a precipitation shortage. The temperatures in parts of the country with almost 1.4 billion inhabitants have been above 40 degrees for weeks. The heat wave is estimated to affect a billion people.

The heat has Vox has already led to at least 25 deaths in India and 65 deaths in Pakistan. The number of victims is likely to be even greater.

Increased demand for electricity to cool people and food leads to Vox to power outages in India. In addition, the air quality in cities in particular is deteriorating due to more dust and smog from ozonea gas that is more abundant in the air at higher temperatures.

In India, high temperatures led to the hottest month of April in 122 years, after a record high in March. In Pakistan, it was not this hot in April in 61 years.

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