After rap and ballet… Potter hires army soldiers to save Chelsea’s season!

The English coach is used to strange traditions

In a unique move, Chelsea manager Graham Potter decided to use real soldiers to try to build a better team spirit in the English team.

Chelsea is suffering at the local level this season, as it is far from competing for the league title due to its disappointing results over the past weeks, which made it rank tenth with 29 points.

And the British newspaper “The Sun” revealed that Potter took the entire team to visit a military base in Hampshire last Tuesday, in an attempt to create a state of bonding in the locker room.

This step also came to help the team’s new deals, such as Mikhailo Modric, Joao Felix, and others, to adapt faster with the rest of the players.

Potter did not resort to any harsh training for the players in the English armed forces camp, but rather some mental exercises that help increase teamwork.

It is worth noting that Potter is famous for some strange traditions in the clubs he coached, specifically the Swedish club Östersund, where he previously made his players perform ballet, in addition to a theatrical show about Vikings and performing Finnish rap songs for the masses.

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