After Rania Yassin spoke about her father’s affliction with “Alzheimer’s” … he insisted

10:34 PM

Thursday 22 October 2020

I wrote – Yasmine El-Sharkawy:

The artist Mahmoud Yassin left our world about a week ago, and despite this the talk about the truth of his health before his death continues and did not stop until now, and between some confirming that he had “Alzheimer’s” and denying others, his daughter Rania came out, to settle the matter and confirm that he had the disease, through Comment I wrote on Instagram. In the following lines, we review everything that was said about the state of the late star.

The beginning was with the famous artist, the wife of the late star, when she went out in an intervention on the “ninth” program, with the journalist Wael Al-Ibrashi on August 4, and she blew a surprise about the nature of his illness, confirming that he has no treatment, and she said: “The condition is not getting better, our Lord is here, I don’t know what we will do One says, O Lord, the crisis has gone beyond the issue, that there is no cure, our Lord will remove it and heal it.

And she added: “His condition remains for hours that remain to some extent one accepts it, and for hours I shake Oooi, and my children tell me, Mummy, we do not know the developments of the issue, so that I keep abiding by him, any detail, even a small one, that affects me, but I wish our Lord the situation deteriorated, if even it proves on That is, I am satisfied, I mean, even saying thank God is his sense in this world. “

Shahira continued: “I asked him once about Rajaa Al-Jeddawi when she appeared in front of us on television, and I told him who is this?” Rajaa Al-Jeddawi said, so she was very happy, and I called her and she cried.

Although the artist Shahira did not mention during her conversation that her husband suffers from Alzheimer’s directly, Amira, the daughter of the artist Raja Al-Jeddawi, went out to comment on a famous intervention through her late mother’s account on the “Instagram” site, after the death of the late artist, and commented that one time she entered On her, I found her very happy and crying because Mahmoud Yassin remembered her and talked to her and prayed for him to be cured of Alzheimer’s disease.

For her part, the artist Rania Mahmoud Yassin was keen to clarify the fact that her father had Alzheimer’s, and she denied the matter altogether, through her intervention in the “ninth” program, which she made after his death, as she said that her father was not afflicted with Alzheimer’s, as some say, and he remembers all his friends, loved ones and movies. Which starred until his last days.

Regarding the nature of his illness, she said that he had a slight memory impairment as a result of his suffering from atherosclerosis and strokes, but he was not Alzheimer’s, and he was aware of his name and remembered his friends and his movies.

And she stressed that her late father was keen to control the Arabic language during his speech, and he was angry when someone spoke in front of him with a wrong language formation.

Although Rania Mahmoud Yassin denied that her father, the great artist, had Alzheimer’s, but she had just commented on the comment of one of her followers on “Instagram”, to confirm his injury, saying: “My father, may God have mercy on him, had a slight degree of Alzheimer’s degrees, meaning that he had weakness in the near memory because it was for the last.” For a moment, we all know, who knows, who would Arabize the word if he heard it wrongly, saying the correctness of it, and because of that, my dear, and I was like this princess, my love, and I hope, may God have mercy on her.

She added: “Because people were aware that the disease was able to prevent it, and it did not know anyone, it was not real at all, and the disease was not a shame or forbidden. God bless him and forgive him, and he lives in paradise. This is for clarification only. Call him and invite me to tie my heart and the heart of my whole family.”

It is worth noting that the great artist Mahmoud Yassin left our world on October 14, 2020, and was buried in the cemetery of his family in Fayoum, and his family received condolences in Sheikh Zayed in the presence of a large constellation of art stars and celebrities.


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