After moving away from television, Sergio Lapegüe revealed the paradisiacal destination of his vacation

Sergio Lapegue told all his followers the destination he chose to spend the New Year and rest. Image: Instagram @bochiok

After announcing his unexpected withdrawal from television and radio due to stress, Sergio Lapegüe was happy from the comforts of an incredible hotel in Punta Cana. The journalist and television host had confessed to him that he needed to take a break and although he assured that he would soon return to the routine, for the moment he enjoys feeling balanced again.

“I came to work sick. It is my essence. This year was hard. There were no holidays. There were no breaks. I arrived very exhausted at the end of the year and had some health episodes. Several times in the last weeks I suffered stress attacks and that until He forced me to leave the news half done, “he revealed a few days ago.

That unexpected departure surprised many viewers and after a few days of silence, the journalist resumed his social networks and told his community that he stayed at Bahia Principe together with his whole family.

“Hello friends. Here we are with the family happy on vacation. With Bochi (his wife), Mica, Elvis (his children) and Moris (his son-in-law). Soon our friends will arrive and happiness will be complete. The sea, the sun, and the mat. For me, the ideal combo to rest. In February I return with everything as always. Thank you very much for the generous comments, “he said in a publication from the paradisiacal beaches of the place.

“The only thing I ask of the universe is that 2021 be better than this one that is going away. I am convinced that it will be like that. I am optimistic by nature. We are going to put good energy into it so that this happens,” he ended up writing in one of the spontaneous videos he shared.




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