After Killing Wife, Husband in Garut Tried Suicide But Failed


A husband’s initials An (28) from Garut had the heart to kill his own wife Mn (25). After killing his wife, An attempted suicide.

An tortured his wife to death at his home, Cibingbin Village, Cirapuhan Village, Selaawi District, Garut, Wednesday (8/9/2021) this afternoon.

“There was an incident suspected of being a murder. The perpetrator was the victim’s husband,” said Head of the Balubur Limbangan Police, Kompol Uus Susilo, Wednesday.

The incident was known to residents who heard the victim’s screams at the scene. Residents then flocked to the location and reported the incident to the police.

Uus explained that because the residents knew his heinous act, An panicked and attempted suicide. An is known to deliberately slit his own throat with a machete.

“But he didn’t die, then we evacuated to get medical help,” he said.

Based on the results of the scene of the matter (TKP) and interim research, Mn died with a number of stab wounds on the body.

Uus said that at this time his party was with the Sat Reskrim Polres personnel Garut still conducting further deepening and investigation related to the incident.

“We have done the crime scene and examined the witnesses,” he said.

The victim’s body is currently in the hospital Garut for autopsy. Meanwhile, the perpetrator was rushed to the same place for further treatment.

According to information compiled, the perpetrator is currently in a critical condition after suffering serious injuries to the neck due to a sharp weapon.


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