After his controversial photo with Wadih Al-Sheikh: Abu Wadih is fine, thank God

After the great outcry caused by Syrian artist George Wassouf over his health condition and the question of followers if Abu Wadih suffered from health problems after appearing overweight in his latest photo with Lebanese artist Wadih Al-Sheikh, “Al-Nahar” contacted lawyer Maya Matar, Sultan Al-Tarab’s business agent. , to verify his health, as well as to know his answer to questions from the public about him, then confirmed that his health condition is excellent, denying the allegations that he was exposed to any health condition.
He said: “Abu Wadih is fine, praise God. We thank everyone who asked for him.”
Matar added: “Sultan Al-Tarab is preparing for 3 major concerts this October, which will be organized in Qatar, Abu Dhabi and Egypt.”-

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