After her very last journal: Martine Tanghe wins language award “Grand Prix Jan Wauters”

The jury report praises Tanghe’s 42-year career on the public broadcaster’s news service. “A whole life in the service of warm, correct, neat and yet living language for a wide audience. Only one news anchor needs so few words to be able to say everything; and this because Martine can speak with her eyes. Viewers can see the soul of Read Martine, from the bottom of her eyes. In all the years of the Grand Prix Jan Wauters, Martine was always the undeniable touchstone. Finally Martine wins. “

The jury of the “Grand Prix Jan Wauters” consists of eight members, with Thérèse Wauters, Jan’s widow, as chairman. The other jury members are Annie Van Avermaet, Leo Hellemans, Wim Vanseveren, Jan Hautekiet, Kristof Demasure, An De Moor and Ruud Hendrickx. Fellow news anchor Birgit Van Mol was also part of the jury for years and still works from the sidelines. In 2015, Martine Tanghe herself was a member of the jury: the prize went to radio maker Lieven Vandenhaute.

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