After her retirement, an Egyptian actress wears a veil

Source: Cairo – Ahmed Al-Redi

Three months have passed since the Egyptian actress, Dalia Ibrahim, announced her retirement from art after a not short walk, until she surprised everyone by wearing the veil.

The artist, Mu’tazila, announced the matter after she published pictures of her wearing the hijab, without explaining the things that prompted her to take the step and the reasons for it.

However, she received hundreds of comments from her fans, friends and colleagues to congratulate her for the step she took, which comes a few months after announcing her retirement.

Dalia Ibrahim received a comment from her colleague, Nadia Al-Iraqiya, who wished to take a similar step to what her colleague had done.

Dalia Ibrahim’s decision to retire came as a surprise, after she presented 40 TV series, 7 plays and 3 feature films, the most famous of which was “Call Me Thank You”, which Amr Abdel Jalil co-starred.

Dalia Ibrahim’s start in the world of art came when the artist Mohamed Sobhi discovered her, and she participated with him in more than one theatrical show, before making her way in the artworks.

Dalia Ibrahim


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