After Hama Beca announced that he had a Crohn .. What is the disease and the causes of the infection?

The popular singer, Hamou Beca, caused a great controversy in the recent period because of his illness and his numerous problems in the intestine, and he stated that he finally discovered the cause of his pain and that he suffers from “Crohn’s disease”.

The “seventh day” in the following report explains what Crohn’s disease has afflicted folk singer Hamou Bika, according to the crohnscolitisfoundation website:

Crohn’s disease is a disease of the small intestine and colon that causes severe abdominal pain. Among the main symptoms are:

Crohn’s disease symptoms

1: Severe abdominal pain, feeling tired and very tired.

2: severe and persistent diarrhea.

3: Extremely high temperature.

4: blood in the stool.

5: Mouth sores appear.

6: Severe loss of appetite and weight loss.

7: Some signs may appear on the skin, including severe infections.

8: severe infections of the bile duct and liver.

There is no specific cause of Crohn’s disease, but there are various factors that increase the risk of infection, namely:

Factors that increase the risk of Crohn’s disease

1: Genetic factors increase the risk of developing Crohn’s disease, that is, a family member has Crohn’s disease, which is transmitted to children.

2: Smoking, smoking is one of the most prominent bad habits that increase the risk of developing Crohn’s disease.

3: Having an immune system disorder exposes you to Crohn’s disease.

4: Some studies have shown that white skin is more prone to Crohn’s disease.

5: The side effects of some medications expose you to Crohn’s disease, which affects the digestive system.

In the event that Crohn’s disease is neglected, this will cause severe health complications, including

1: Causes intestinal obstruction.

2: the appearance of ulcers and severe infections in the stomach.

3: Fistula infection.

4: Anal fissure.

5: In some cases it may cause colon cancer.

Therefore, it is advised to visit the doctor immediately when any of the previous symptoms occur to diagnose and treat the condition before any serious complications affecting the health occur.


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