after Halo Infinite, even the Rare game is orphaned by the creative director

Over the course of the evening, another bad news arrived regarding Microsoft exclusives, since Simon Woodroffe, the creative director of Everwild, he abandoned the project.

To confirm everything was the boss of Rare, Craig Duncan, during an interview with the microphones of VideoGamesChronicle:

“We thank Simon for all his work with Everwild and wish him the best for the future. At the moment the Everwild team is in good hands and is determined to create a product that will give players the chance to have an unforgettable experience set in a magical world and in nature. “

The reasons that led Woodroffe to leave the studio have not been declared and it is unlikely that we will find out soon. However, this is a major change for the game, which is the second in development at Xbox Game Studios to lose its director. In fact, we remind you that only a few days ago the news of theChris Lee’s abandonment of Halo Infinite.

Waiting for new information on the game, we remind you that on our pages you can find the latest Everwild trailer commented by the developers accompanied by a series of concept art.

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