After going viral, children of North Moluccan farmers graduate as police candidates

Ternate, CNN Indonesia

North Maluku Police Chief Inspector General Midi Siswoko finally graduated Sulastri Irwan, as police student candidate (policewoman) Bintara Polri lot II in 2022.

Sulastri, a farmer’s daughter from the Sula Islands Regency, had previously been miscarried because she went over the mark, even though she made it through the pantuk final last July.

“After coordinating and coordinating with HQ, HQ added a quota to us so that Sulastri Irwan would be declared approved,” Midi said at the police headquarters in North Maluku, Ternate City on Monday (14/ 11).

The two-star general said it was not police or committee members who were at fault in this incident. It’s his fault as a leader.

“After we checked, it is not the fault of the members but of the management, especially the regional police chief. Therefore, I ask that this problem does not occur again in the future,” he said.

Midi also apologized to Sulastri Irwan’s extended family.

“The National Police Chief often reminds us that fish rot from the head, not the tail. For this, I once again sincerely and sincerely apologize,” he said.

In addition to Sulastri who graduated in third place, the fourth-placed participant who previously replaced Sulastri, Rahima Melani Hanafi, was also declared pass and will participate in the Polwan training in February 2023.

Health must be maintained from now on, if necessary a health check every day. I congratulate both of you who have passed,” he said.

Earlier, Sulastri Irwan, the daughter of a farmer from the Sula Islands regency, had not accepted the decision of the North Maluku (Malut) police to abort her as a police candidate.

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Sulastri claimed to be ranked third based on Pantukhir’s announcement on 2 July 2022. She has also passed all stages of selection of female police officers.


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