After expectations of reducing interest .. The National Bank offers savings certificates with “fixed monthly income” and bleeds good news about the dollar

The Vice President of the National Bank of Egypt, “Yahya Abu El Fotouh” announced a pleasant surprise to everyone about the US dollar after the liberalization of the price of the pound against foreign currencies in 2016, where he confirmed that the total flows of the green paper in the bank had increased significantly during that period, and you can get to know all Details through the following link: The National Bank gives good news about the dollar.

The National Bank of Egypt decided to reduce interest rates on many of the bank’s savings vessels during the current period, especially after the Central Bank’s decision to reduce interest rates by 1%, and many citizens are trying to know the details of the savings vessels offered by the bank, whether they are savings accounts, savings certificates, deposits, or Personal loans.

Return rates on savings items in Egyptian pounds at the National Bank

  • Five-year certificate with a monthly financial return of 11%.
  • Group B certificate, which is for a year of 12.50%.
  • National Bank of Egypt savings certificates for three-year companies with a monthly return of 8.25%.
  • Platinum certificates that are exchanged every three years, 13%.
  • Safety certificate for Egyptians 16%
  • National Bank savings certificates for companies 5 years with a monthly return of 7.75%

HC expects to cut central bank interest rates next Thursday

A few days ago, I expected HC Securities and Investment Company, the Egyptian Central Bank to reduce the interest rate for lending and deposit by 0.5% during the bank’s policy committee meeting next Thursday, December 26, 2019, and that expectation came contrary to the expectations of some investment banks, and you can learn all the details from Through the link next one

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Expert advice for individual investors buying savings certificates

Banking experts advised all Egyptian individuals and citizens to quickly purchase savings certificates with fixed returns and long-term bonds during the coming period, after a number of experts expected more cuts to interest rates during the coming period, especially with low inflation rates in the Egyptian state and you can learn more details Through the following link: ” “Savings certificates” .. Advice from banking experts to invest your money in banks before lowering interest rates again

Al-Ahly coffee boils the decision on personal loans

The National Bank of Egypt sent a leaflet to all its branch to cancel the decision to extend the repayment of personal loans for a period of 15 years, as it returned the repayment period for its previous tenure in the bank, and confirmed that the decision was for a specific period in order to attract customers to personal loans to employees, and announced all the conditions that must be met for the person in order to obtain On the loan, you can learn more about the details through the following link: Urgent The National Bank announces its decision regarding the personal loan for employees

Interest rates are all savings certificates at AlAhli Bank


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