After Exchange, Míša Tomešová spoke about her third child: They will wait…

In the new episode of the reality show Exchange of Wives, several surprises awaited the audience. The bigger of them was that the actress Míša Tomešová appeared on one side, who experienced first-hand what it is like to leave her own family for ten days and take care of a completely different household. The actress enjoyed the filming and remembers it with love. After the Exchange, she revealed what was new at her home.

The new episode of the reality show Wife Exchange was truly unconventional. Apart from the fact that it was another VIP episode, in which the actress Míša Tomešová appeared this time, the audience, on the other hand, met a single mother for the first time in the history of the show. Thirty-two-year-old Míša was not very lucky in love in her life, so she was left completely alone to raise her four daughters. A really big challenge awaited Míša Tomešová. But she took care of four girls with great care.

Beautiful memories

According to Míša Tomešová, she was most worried about getting along with her surrogate partner, who might not fully understand her artistic soul. But when she found out that she would be in charge of the surrogate children all by herself, despite the initial horror, a stone fell from her heart.

“We enjoyed the fact that there were four absolutely amazing girls full of great humility and respect and diligence waiting for me. I really have to say that we enjoyed a beautiful ladies’ ride, “the filming praise praised in an interview for Nova Plusand her interim daughters were also very pleased with her presence.

Until the third girl?

Míša Tomešová, who is a proud mother of two sons, let herself be heard in the Exchange of Wives that she always wanted a little girl. And given how much she got along with the four girls, the question arises as to whether she and her husband don’t want to try a little girl for the third time. However, according to the actress, such a step is not currently on the agenda.

“At the moment, I can’t imagine leaving my labor-mother zone as it is at the moment. I can’t completely imagine that I would start another baby, ”Míša Tomešová let herself be heard, but she stated that one never knows what life will bring him, and therefore she definitely does not rule out the birth of another child. “If another child finds a way to us, it will be as unplanned as the first two,” the actress added.

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