After “European” goals, Kuchta also scored in the league for Slavia. I ate that goal for Stanciu, he laughed

Slavia’s footballers shot in Opava. The home team declassified 6: 0, when they scored five goals in the net of the helpless goalkeeper Vilém Fendrich in the second half. The full third of the stitched goals was taken care of by the forward Jan Kuchta, who scored for the first time after the summer transfer from Liberec in the league for Slavia. “I’m glad I started to change my chances. It broke with Nice, “Kuchta recalled the recent European League match, in which Sparta’s offspring also hit twice.

Vladimir Prycek, ČTK

In the first half, you overcame the Opava defense once, five times after changing sides. What was the difference?

We didn’t catch a start. Opava found out for us and fortunately did not change the chances she had. The first goal helped us. Opava opened the game and tried to level, or then score a contact goal. But we thought how to deal with them. We didn’t panic, we played in peace and that resulted in the five goals in the second half. We won high, but after the national team break it was challenging.

The key was apparently your two goals shortly after half-time at 3: 0. Did you break the match with them?

I’m especially glad that I started to change my chances, because at the beginning I was worried about the ending. It broke the match against Nice. I didn’t help the team with Bolka (1: 0), because even there the second goal would probably help us, but we decided it as a team. It came against Opava and I feel really good. The team wins, I try to help him. But the first half in Opava was not good for me.

You can’t say that about the second one, can you?

I also told the boys in the cabin, I was mad at myself. In the second half, the boys found me beautifully and I scored two goals. I’m happy to play now that I was able to get into the lineup. I have great partners in Slavia’s attack, we wish each other and I’m excited about it.

With your second goal, you reached Stancia’s shot. Didn’t he get angry?

At first, because he thought I was offside. But after the match we laughed. I’m an attacker, I’m hungry for goals. I could have left it to him, but I ate him in a hammer (laughs). I’m happy for the goal, he at least has his assistance, so maybe he’s happy too. Mainly that I wasn’t offside.

The home team claimed an offside, were you sure the goal would pay off?

He wasn’t. When the referee pointed to the center dot, I took a lot of rest. We got even more comfortable.


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