After demoting Zidane, the FFF president resigns


Noël Le Graet resigned from his post President of the French Football Federation (FFF). He resigned after making controversial comments to Mr Zinedine Zidane.

Le Graet made comments humiliating Zidane saying he didn’t care about the French legend’s coaching career. He also stressed that he would not have answered the phone if he had contacted Zidane.

This was stated by Le Graet after deciding to extend Didier Deschamps’ contract as France manager until 2026. Zidane was previously widely sought after by many quarters to replace Deschamps’ position. However, Le Graet stressed that this was not in his plans.

“Zidane in Brazil? I don’t care, let him go where he wants! He can go anywhere or to the club he wants,” Le Graet allegedly said. Brand.

“Has Zidane tried to contact me? Of course not, I don’t even want to pick up the phone from him. To tell him to find another club? Just make a special program for him to get another club or country.” he said.

These comments criticized Le Graet. french star, Kylian Mbappe While he wasn’t happy with Le Graet’s words, he felt he didn’t respect Zidane.

Amidst these criticisms, Le Graet has now decided to step down as president of the FFF. This decision was made by Le Graet after having held a meeting with the Executive Committee of the FFF.

Noel Le Graet, in agreement with the FFF Executive Committee meeting today in Paris, has chosen to resign from his position as president until the completion of an audit carried out by the sports ministry.”

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Le Graet’s step back is not related to his comments on Zidane. The 81-year-old man left his position after being caught in a harassment case by a player’s agent, Sonia Souid.

In this case, the French government had to investigate Le Graet and FFF. Judging by the statement of the FFF Executive Committee, Le Graet appears to be only temporarily inactive as President until the case involving him is resolved.

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