“After crisis meeting, Dutch Prime Minister Rutte emphasizes that politics is not accessible to everyone at present”

“Of course you can never make the perfect analysis,” Rutte acknowledged after the meeting. Nevertheless, the cabinet thinks it has an idea of ​​what signal the voter has sent. For example, an important question that the cabinet is now asking itself is: “is politics there for everyone in the Netherlands?”

The popularity of the BBB is also seen as an expression of unease. Recent reports also indicate that there is regional inequality in the Netherlands. Where in the countryside there are problems with disappearing bus lines and long ambulance times. There are also problems in large cities, for example because of the expensive houses.

The crisis consultation, which was not called that by the leaders themselves, lasted almost four hours. Rutte, the three deputy prime ministers Sigrid Kaag, Wopke Hoekstra and Carola Schouten and their ‘secondants’ started their consultations just after 7 pm. The consultations do not mean that the coalition agreement will be broken up, Rutte said afterwards. According to him, it was a “more fundamental” discussion, also because the unease in society has been going on for much longer.

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