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Status: 04/07/2021 3:57 p.m.

There is hope of a new start for the insolvent Klier hairdressing chain from Wolfsburg. The creditors have agreed to a restructuring plan, the company announced on Wednesday.

Of the previous 8,500 employees, around 6,400 employees could keep their jobs through the restructuring measures, it said. Klier Hair Group GmbH expects to end the self-administration process at the end of April. “This proves the trust of the creditors in the sustainable restructuring of the company. The newly established Klier Hair Group can – despite Corona – emerge stronger from the bankruptcy,” said attorney Silvio Höfer, who represents the interests of the creditors as trustee in these proceedings. A slump in sales during the Corona crisis pushed Germany’s largest hairdressing chain into bankruptcy at the end of 2020.

500 unprofitable and expensive shops dense

The restructuring started in September 2020. In order to save the chain, Klier said it had closed around 500 stores, including mainly permanently unprofitable branches and expensive downtown locations. 850 shops can still be operated. “Thus we succeeded in (…) maintaining the majority of the branches and jobs”, Managing Director Michael Klier is quoted in the announcement.

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The insolvent company should be preserved. A boost is expected from the opening of the hairdressing salons on March 1st. (02/26/2021) more

A hairdresser combs a customer's wet hair.  © Colourbox Photo: Syda Productions

The Klier hairdressing chain from Wolfsburg is suffering from the consequences of the corona crisis. The family business with 1,400 salons across Germany has slipped under the insolvency protection umbrella. (08.09.2020) more

A person puts a swab with a throat swab into a test tube.  © picture alliance Photo: Hendrik Schmidt

The country also reports 30 more deaths. The nationwide incidence is currently 84.9. more


A doctor holds an ampoule of the Astra Zeneca vaccine in her hand.  © Picture Alliance Photo: Julian Stratenschulte

A 52-year-old accuses the doctor of physical harm and coercion. The AstraZeneca material was forced on him. more

Two people push a bicycle through a pedestrian zone.  © dpa-Bildfunk Photo: Hauke-Christian Dittrich / dpa

Some cities are waiting for the federal-state summit, others give companies more time. The city council wants a common start. more

An employee wipes tables in front of a cafe in a city center.  © picture alliance / dpa / Fabian Strauch Photo: Fabian Strauch

April 12th broke off as a prelude. Resolutions from the federal-state summit on Monday could stop the project. more

Passers-by walk through downtown Hanover in the evening.  © picture alliance / dpa |  Julian Stratenschulte Photo: Julian Stratenschulte

According to the OVG decision, exit restrictions are being scrutinized everywhere in Lower Saxony. The regulation remains in Celle. more

Documents, photos and statements from former prisoners are to be disseminated via social media channels. more

A technician sits in the control room for the transmission of the digital version of the Hannover Messe.  © dpa-Bildfunk Photo: Julian Stratenschulte

This year the Hanover Fair is not canceled. Exhibition boss Köckler is hoping for “many tens of thousands of visitors”. more

View of the historic city center of Buxtehude.  © picture alliance / imageBROKER / Justus de Cuveland Photo: Justus de Cuveland

Scientific support is mandatory for the participants in the corona model project in Lower Saxony. more

East and North Frisian coastal fishermen demonstrate on the North Sea off Cuxhaven to draw attention to their endangered livelihoods (archive photo from July 26, 2003).  © picture alliance Photo: Ulrich_Perrey

The entrepreneurs achieved sales of 18 million euros in 2020. Closed restaurants are a problem for them. more

Two people walk through the otherwise deserted city center of Oldenburg.  The shops are closed.  © picture alliance Photo: Hauke-Christian Dittrich

Because of the increasing number of cases, counties with high incidence values ​​should pull the emergency brake. The overview. more

Prime Minister Stephan Weil (SPD) speaks in the state parliament.  © picture alliance / dpa / Julian Stratenschulte Photo: Julian Stratenschulte

“We stick to the agreed procedure,” said Weil on ZDF. He rejected a hard lockdown again. more

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