After bitter criticism: Emotional support from Opelka for Djokovic

Djokovic caused a stir with the establishment of the PTPA in August. The world number one and his colleagues founded the players’ association to better represent the interests of the professionals vis-à-vis the ATP.

However, the foundation did not go down well everywhere. Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, among others, expressed criticism. Now Opelka is also part of the association, he revealed in an interview with “Raquet Mag”.


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The American is of the opinion: “Novak knows very well what is going on in the younger generation. And also with women. He loves tennis. And he cares about sports.”

However, there are currently no women represented in the PTPA, which is one of the reasons why Djokovic was criticized.

But the 17-time Grand Slam tournament winner assured at the ATP Finals in London that this will soon change. Accordingly, the Serb would have already spoken to the two Americans Sloane Stephens and Serena Williams.

Opelka is amazed at Djokovic

Opelka also praised the way Djokovic appears to colleagues.

“He’s a really, really nice guy. If he starts in a Grand Slam, like at the US Open, he’s playing about a piece of tennis history, about becoming the best of all time. And he doesn’t need to waste time Don’t take to come to me after a match just to chat and ask how I’m doing with my knees. ” But that’s exactly what the superstar did.

Opelka considers this to be “extraordinary”. It’s not like he and Djokovic “grew up together – we come from different generations,” said the 23-year-old.

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Doubts about Federer: “The train has probably left …”


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