After being injected with a Covid-19 vaccine candidate, motorcycle taxi drivers: sleepiness Feel that their job is at high risk of exposure Covid-19, an ojek driver in the Regency Bandung named Fadly (32) decided to become a test volunteer the Covid-19 vaccine.

Fadly has been injected with the Covid-19 vaccine candidate since last Tuesday (11/8/2020). On that day, the clinical trials of the Covid-19 vaccine candidate made by Sinovac had indeed begun to be tested on volunteers.

After the injection, Fadly did not feel any significant side effects. However, he felt very sleepy and hungry.

“At first (the injection) I was very sleepy, I thought I rarely slept, but I could not bear the sleepiness,” he said.

“When I wake up, feel good in my body and have a high appetite,” continued Fadly.

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Body temperature rises, still normal

SHUTTERSTOCK/Africa Studio Vaccination illustration

Fadly also experienced an increase in body temperature after injecting the Covid-19 vaccine candidate.

However, the increase is still at a reasonable level.

“It’s not a fever, but a bit hot. But naturally, I also see the diary card there are levels. If the danger is the body temperature is above 39 degrees,” said Fadly.

He admitted that he would get a second injection in about a week.

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Illustration of the Covid-19 vaccine, the corona virus vaccineShutterstock Illustration of the Covid-19 vaccine, the corona virus vaccine

Vaccine injection is carried out twice.

After the first injection on Tuesday (11/8/2020), Fadly will be injected again on Monday (8/24/2020).

After the injection, the condition will be monitored for up to six months after injection.

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“There are two total injections. There will be five stages of monitoring, the last stage is the examination in six months,” said Fadly.

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There is no drug consumption

Drug illustration Shutterstock Drug illustration

After undergoing the injection, there are some taboos that Fadly shouldn’t do.

Among other things, taking several types of drugs because it can reduce immunity.

“There is a prohibition, what I remember is that one type of medicine cannot be eaten, because it can reduce immunity,” he said.

However, he admitted that the injection did not interfere with his work activities.

“But other activities are allowed, even after being vaccinated I will continue to do more,” he said.

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Reasons to volunteer, high-risk work, do not want to bother the family

Fadly said that as a motorcycle taxi driver he had to meet many people outside.

Her job has a high risk of being exposed.

“The biggest reason for me is with my family. I work driver online, the risk of being exposed is quite large. If there is a vaccine, I will definitely participate, because I don’t want to bring the virus home, especially when there are three small children, “said the man who lives in the Kopo area, Bandung Regency.

Not only himself, six members of the Fadly family also volunteered.

“Wife, brother, Mama, sister-in-law and two other brothers volunteered,” said Fadly

Source: (Author: Bandung Contributor, Dendi Ramdhani | Editor: Abba Gabrillin)

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