After being completely ransacked, Jacques’ house in Bièvre BURNED that night

“The house which was vandalized in the village of Graide (commune of Bièvre) suffered a fire that night, the house is completely devastated”, said to us this Monday morning a person via the orange button Alert us. The acting bourgmestre confirmed the fire. Last week, RTL INFO had made a report on this house belonging to Jacques, 74, who had been vandalized in his absence during the holiday season. He had told us that he feared further reprisals. A neighbor was singled out as a potential perpetrator by several residents.

During the holiday season, Jacques was away from his home for a few days. On his return from vacation, he had found his house completely ransacked. The septuagenarian declared that he knew the person in charge.

A ransacked house, drained oil spilled on the floor, windows and walls. It was impossible to move inside the house. Even a gas cylinder pipe had been severed. Someone had tried to blow everything up. “If I came home earlier, I just had to turn on the light and it would explode”, let go of Jacques.

We are afraid of reprisals

After the ransacking of his house, Jacques was able to count on the solidarity of his neighbors. He was lodged with one of them. Others did not hesitate to offer him something to eat and some clothes while waiting for better. According to Jacques, the author of the rampage is a neighbor in his forties, known to the neighborhood and who has been spreading terror for several years with impunity. “It terrorizes everywhere and makes people panic. We are afraid of reprisals. And now we can no longer do justice for ourselves. Especially since the police do nothing”, lamented Gérard, a resident of the town.

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The suspect even reportedly warned Jacques of his misdeeds. “He said, ‘I’m going to blow up your barrack’. Well, he did!”exclaimed Jacques who assures that many complaints had been registered by the police of the commune.

In this small village of 800 souls, the injured resident feared further reprisals. Contacted by us, the acting bourgmestre confirmed to us that an investigation was underway but for lack of evidence, the main suspect was still at large.

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