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After attack on Imam by preachers.. Awqaf minister tweeted about Sheikh Muhammad

11:57 PM

Saturday 07 January 2023

Books – Mahmoud Mustafa Abu Talib:

Dr Muhammad Mukhtar Gomaa, Minister of Awqaf, wrote a post about Sheikh Muhammad Metwally Al-Shaarawi, on his Twitter page.

And the Awqaf minister said: “May God have mercy on His Eminence Sheikh Muhammad Metwally Al-Shaarawi and let him live in his spacious gardens.”

Sheikh Muhammad Metwally Al-Shaarawi has come under severe attack in recent days after news of his autobiography being embodied in a play circulated.

Al-Azhar Al-Sharif has mocked his various social media platforms to defend Sheikh Muhammad Metwally Al-Shaarawi, after the attack he has been subjected to in the past few hours.

In recent hours, some people have launched a harsh attack on the imam of preachers, after he circulated the news of the incarnation of his biography in a play.

Al-Azhar Al-Sharif said on his official Facebook page on Thursday: His Eminence Sheikh Muhammad Metwally Al-Shaarawi, gave his life to interpret the Book of God and dedicated his life to that mission.

And Al-Azhar added: “Sheikh Muhammad Metwally Al-Shaarawi communicated the meanings of the Quran to his listeners in a smooth and sweet way, and attracted people of all levels to himself, and awakened in them the faculties of reception “.

For his part, Dr. Abdel Moneim Fouad, a professor of faith and philosophy, who oversees the halls of the Al-Azhar mosque, said that Maulana Sheikh Al-Shaarawi, may God have mercy on him, will remain a bright sign in the sky of science , philosophy and religion.

And he explained in a post on his Facebook page Thursday, in response to the recent attack by some on Sheikh Muhammad Metwally Al-Shaarawi, that the invalids will continue to raise dust on the sky in a strange intellectual malaise, so that it falls on their heads. and the sky remains the sky with its signs, and its bright stars, immaculate white, good-natured.

Dr Abbas Shoman, the fatwa supervisor at Al-Azhar, said on his Facebook page on Wednesday: “Those who attack Sheikh Al-Shaarawi as children wanted to destroy the fruits of high abandonment, so their stones fell on their heads , and the fruits continued to admire the spectators and purely for the eaters.

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