After announcing his retirement, a Muslim blocks his photos and videos on Instagram

12:00 pm

Friday 07 October 2022

I wrote – Mona El Mougy:

The Muslim festival singer has blocked or deleted his photos and videos on the “Instagram” site, after announcing his retirement and staying away from the artistic community, stressing that the camp does not suit him in anything.

And Muslim wrote hours ago on the story service: “Forgive me for the first time I really look at my limitations and I say that this field does not suit me at all. Change the pain and the violation of my right if it is from a producer or owner or even if he is a lover.

He continued: “I will not return unless I am convinced that I am really free and able to do many things. I do nothing for the good of anyone, and my role is not present, after all, I see you well”.

It is worth noting that Muslim was among the names that the Music Professions Syndicate, led by former captain Hani Shaker, issued a decision banning dealing with them, and it had 19 singers, including: Hamo Beca and Shata.

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