After a long absence .. the beautiful Hanan Turk revives the memory of the October victory..Watch

The artist “Hanan Turk” commemorated the glorious victory of October through her accounts on social networking sites.

The artist “Hanan Turk” published a picture of the war and wrote on the picture: “Every year, the army of Egypt and its people is worth a thousand goodness, victory and pride, and the triumph of the memory of the eternal October, written in letters of light in order to illuminate for us and for future generations the way .. And Egypt lasts. Victory and glory

The artist “Hanan Turk” announced her retirement from art in August 2012, through a phone call with the journalist “Nishan” on the “Me and the Honey” program, explaining: “I decided, thanks to God, to retire from acting at this moment, which is the step I hoped for from God Almighty. “
After an absence, the actress “Hanan Turk” returned to the cinema with a new and different experience through the film “Al-Nadha”, which is the first audio drama to be shown inside mass galleries in Egypt and the Arab world, and participated in the starring “Hani Adel” and directed and written by “Khaled Al Mahdi. “.

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